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Loz Kaye for Council - Piccadilly Ward


Afflecks. The Gay Village. Canal side living. Street art the envy of the world. Angel Meadow. Pints in the Fringe. A gig at the Soup Kitchen. Sitting in Sackville Gardens with Alan Turing. Who wouldn't want to be councillor for this area?


I'm Loz. And I do. 


Even so. We know the problems in our area - litter, drug waste, homelessness, spiralling housing prices, independent businesses needing better support to succeed, flashy redevelopment promises failing to deliver. A sense we are losing what we love about living here. 


All too often, residents have been left out and let down. 


Many of these problems aren't just recent. And that means genuinely new thinking is needed to tackle them.


We can't afford to wait around to tackle problems or to seize opportunities. We can't wait for a change of heart in Downing Street or a change of government in Westminster. The good news is that we don't have to. We have the talent here. We do - in fact - have resources if we use them properly and insist everyone bears some responsibility. We just need to shake things up.


An independent vote in Piccadilly Ward on May 3rd is the shake up we need.

Your Independent Voice


What we need for our area is a strong, independent voice. Someone with a good track record of acting for the area. Someone free to put residents first.



I am that candidate.


Whether it is campaigning for London Road Fire Station, getting syringes cleared in Piccadilly Basin or challenging flawed Council plans for the Gay Village I have been speaking up and working for Piccadilly Ward.

Manchester Local Elections May 3rd



This May every seat is up for grabs. That is because ward boundaries have been redrawn- reflecting how much our area is changing. You get 3 votes this time, as all 3 Piccadilly Ward councillor places are up for election. 


This means that even if you normally vote for a political party, you can safely vote for an Independent candidate and still support your usual preference. 


It's worth thinking about. Any work place, organisation, club or team works best with a range of skills and people from diverse backgrounds. That should go for our council too. Recently, all the councillors have been drawn from one narrow party and that simply doesn't reflect the breadth of ideas here in Manchester. 


Your polling card will tell you where your polling station is, but you don't need it to vote. If you are away at the beginning of May, you can get a postal vote, make sure your voice is heard. 



Loz Kaye is your Independent candidate for Manchester Council in Piccadilly Ward. He is an energetic local campaigner on housing, regeneration, transparency, digital and LGBT issues.


He is, amongst other things, a conductor, consultant, media commentator, composer, community group trustee and dad.




You can find information about elections and voting on the Council website here: http://www.manchester.gov.uk/info/362/elections_and_voting


April 17th: Voter registration deadline

April 18th: Postal vote application deadline

May 3rd: Polling open 07:00 to 22:00

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